Tips to present better

If you want to improve your ability to create powerful business presentations you have to master three aspects: preparation, design and delivery. In these articles I'll show you how.

One of the best ways to create effective slides from a visual perspective is to include only one idea per slide. One idea per slide, that’s it.

If you follow this approach, the probability of your audience being distracted goes down dramatically.

Take your last presentation. If there's too much text in a slide, you're most likely including more than one idea in that slide. The solution is simple: you either remove the unnecessary text, thus making the slide clearer, or you use more than one slide to visualise your key points. By distributing your content over several slides, each slide remains clearer and easier to understand.

You don't have to include everything you know in your slides. You want your presentations to be simple. Remember, the more you say the less they remember, so keep it short, simple and to the point. A bad presentation has lots of text on the screen while a good presentation has visual slides with just a few words. You don’t have to show everything you know; you just need to make sure that your messages are clear and easy to understand and remember.  

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